About us

Welcome to SmartPorua.com!

SmartPorua.com is one of Bangladesh’s first online bookstores to bring to you a wide variety of books—ranging from in-demand textbooks to best-selling novels to prominent autobiographies. With the mission to make books more affordable and accessible, SmartPorua.com aims to cater to people of all ages and professions.

SmartPorua.com was established with the hope of satisfying the academic and/or literary reading needs of a growing consumer base of schoolgoers and readers, and giving them an easy option to find what they’re looking for. As a one-of-a-kind online retailer with our wide-ranging products, we aim to make customers’ lives easier by offering to deliver their purchases right to their doorstep. To enrich the collection of our products, we plan to offer office supplies and e-books in the near future.

At SmartPorua.com, our motto is “Knowledge is power” and our approach is customer-centric. What you want, we deliver. With that in mind, we hope to become your go-to online bookstore with products that are reliable and delivery that is speedy.

Visit our website and like our page on Facebook to see the latest products or make suggestions to help us meet your needs. We hope your journey with us will be a pleasant one – happy reading!